Inventory: Top 10 policies of construction industry in 2020

Time : 2021-01-28

0oneGeneral contracting

The Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the national development and Reform Commission jointly issued the measures for the management of general contracting of projects, which has been implemented sincetwo thousand and twentyyearthreemonthoneIt will come into effect on the twoonest. The risk of price increase shall be borne by the construction unit and supervised by the supervisor/The survey and design engineer can be the project manager, and some construction and design qualifications can be mutually recognized.

The Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the national development and Reform Commission jointly issued the measures for the general contracting management of housing construction and municipal infrastructure projectstwo thousand and twentyyearthreemonthoneIt shall come into force on the twoonest.

The "measures" clearly stipulates that the construction unit shall bear the risk of the part whose fluctuation range exceeds the range agreed in the contract when comparing the price of main engineering materials, equipment and labor with the base price at the time of bidding.

oneRisks undertaken by the construction unit:

The price of main engineering materials, equipment and labor fluctuates more than that agreed in the contract when compared with the base price at the time of bidding;

Changes in contract price caused by changes in national laws, regulations and policies; changes in project cost and construction period caused by unforeseen geological conditions; changes in project cost and construction period caused by construction unit; changes in project cost and construction period caused by force majeure. The specific content of risk sharing shall be agreed by both parties in the contract. The construction unit shall not set unreasonable construction period or arbitrarily reduce the reasonable construction period.

twoMutual recognition of construction and design qualifications:

Construction units are encouraged to apply for engineering design qualification, and units with grade I or above construction general contracting qualification can directly apply for corresponding grade a engineering design qualification. The performance of general contracting of corresponding scale projects can be declared as the performance of design and construction. Design units are encouraged to apply for construction qualification. Units that have obtained comprehensive qualification for engineering design, class a qualification for Industry and class a qualification for construction engineering can directly apply for class I qualification for general contracting of corresponding categories.


The general contractor shall be selected by means of bidding or direct contract awarding. In the design, procurement or construction of a general contracting project, if any item falls within the scope of the project subject to bidding according to law and meets the scale standard specified by the state, the general contracting unit shall be selected by bidding. The construction unit may put forward the requirements for the performance guarantee in the bidding documents, and require the bidding documents to specify the contents of the proposed subcontracting according to law; if there is a maximum bidding price limit, it shall specify the maximum bidding price limit or the calculation method of the maximum bidding price limit.

fourAbout the contract: the total price contract should be adopted for the general contract of the project invested by the enterprise. The form of contract price shall be reasonably determined for the general contracting of government invested projects. If a total price contract is adopted, the total price of the contract shall not be adjusted except for the circumstances that can be adjusted as agreed in the contract. The measurement rules and pricing methods of EPC can be stipulated in the contract.

fiveProject Manager:

He has obtained the corresponding registered professional qualification of engineering construction, including registered architect, registered engineer of survey and design, registered constructor or registered supervision engineer, etc.; he has obtained the senior professional title if he has not implemented the registered professional qualification; he has served as the general contracting project manager, design project leader, construction project leader or general project supervisor similar to the proposed project engineer.

0twoReturn to work

Affected by the epidemic, when to return to work was the most concerned issue of most enterprises at that time.twomonthone7On the novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work, the State Council joint defense and joint control mechanism issued the guidance on the scientific control and precision measures for district and grade to do the new crown pneumonia prevention and control work. This has opened up the trend of national enterprises' recovery.

In fact, before and after the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council issued the opinions, many provinces and cities also issued new policies to deal with the epidemic situation. They promoted the real estate industry to resume work by strengthening online approval, speeding up operation efficiency, and handling relevant procedures.

twomonthtwosixThe Ministry of housing and urban rural development (MOHURD) issued a circular on July one, requiring local housing and construction departments at all levels to orderly promote the start-up and resumption of enterprises and projects in accordance with local epidemic prevention and control requirements. Low risk areas should comprehensively promote the start-up and resumption of enterprises and engineering projects, medium risk areas should orderly promote the start-up and resumption of enterprises and engineering projects by stages and at wrong time, and high-risk areas should ensure that the scope of start-up and resumption of enterprises can be gradually and orderly expanded after the epidemic situation is effectively prevented and controlled. Priority should be given to projects involving epidemic prevention and control, people's livelihood security and other important national economy and people's livelihood.

Although the policy encourages all localities to return to work actively, in fact, due to the impact of the epidemic, the progress of returning to work is still slow.

"The construction site has the characteristics of high concentration of personnel, large mobility and complex personnel composition, so it is difficult to prevent and control the epidemic situation." in the process of returning to work, epidemic prevention is the top priority, and any problem in any link of the work will face great risks.

0threeCost of epidemic prevention

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control in an orderly way to promote the resumption of work in enterprises is issued by the general office of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development. It is clearly stated that the cost of epidemic prevention and control due to epidemic prevention and control can be included in the project cost.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control in an orderly manner to promote the resumption of work in the enterprise is clearly stated in the "Office of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development" in the notice on strengthening the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia.

The delay of construction period caused by epidemic prevention and control belongs to the force majeure situation stipulated in the contract.

The increased cost of epidemic prevention due to epidemic prevention and control can be included in the project cost; for the cost of labor and building materials caused by epidemic, both parties should strengthen negotiation and communication, and adjust the contract price according to the price adjustment method agreed in the contract.

0fourSupervision reform

two thousand and twentyyearthreemonthtwofour日,住建部等四部委發文,《監理工程師職業資格制度規定》、《監理工程師職業資格考試實施辦法》正式印發,自印發之It shall come into force on the twoonest.工程/water conservancy/The certificate of highway and water transport supervision is one, which has been obtained and continues to be valid.

住建部、交通運輸部、water conservancy部聯合人力資源社會保障部正式印發《監理工程師職業資格制度規定》、《監理工程師職業資格考試實施辦法》。

oneThe certificate has been obtained and continues to be valid:

之前取得的公路水運工程監理工程師資格證書以及water conservancy工程建設監理工程師資格證書,效用不變。

Through the national unified examination organized by the Ministry of human resources and social security and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the professional qualification certificate of supervision engineer obtained is equivalent to the professional qualification certificate of supervision engineer in this regulation.

twoProfessional qualification examination for supervision engineer

The valid period of the qualified results of the original supervision engineer qualification examination within the valid period shall be extendedfouryear為一個周期管理??荚嚾珖y一大綱、統一命題、統一組織。專業科目分為土木建筑工程、交通運輸工程、water conservancy工程three個專業類別。土木建筑工程專業由住房和城鄉建設部負責;交通運輸工程專業由交通運輸部負責;water conservancy工程專業由water conservancy部負責??荚嚦煽儗嵭?/span>fouryear為一個周期的滾動管理辦法,在連續的four個考試year度內通過全部考試科目,方可取得監理工程師職業資格證書。

Additional items: those who have obtained one kind of professional qualification and apply for the examination of other professional subjects can be exempted from the examination of basic subjects.

Test scoresfourHalf a day.

threeThose who meet one of the following conditions can apply for the examination: (cancel the requirement of professional title)

(one) With college degree (or higher vocational education) in engineering major, engaged in engineering construction, supervision, design and other business worksixyear;

(two) Bachelor degree or degree in engineering, management science and engineering, engaged in engineering construction, supervision, design and other businessfouryear;

(3) With master's degree or professional degree in engineering, management science and engineering, engaged in engineering construction, supervision, design, etctwoyear;

(four) He has a doctorate in engineering, management science and engineering.

The areas approved to carry out the pilot project shall have bachelor's degree or above if they apply for the supervision engineer professional qualification examination.

Previous registration requirements:

Those who have a college degree or above in engineering technology or engineering economics and meet one of the following conditions can apply for the supervision engineer qualification examination.


Have the senior professional and technical positions of engineering technology or engineering economy evaluated and employed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state.

four、注冊與執業:經批準注冊的申請人,由住房和城鄉建設部、交通運輸部、water conservancy部分別核發《中華人民共和國監理工程師注冊證》(或電子證書)。執業時應持注冊證書和執業印章。

住房和城鄉建設部、交通運輸部、water conservancy部按照職責分工建立監理工程師注冊管理信息平臺,由住建部負責歸集全國監理工程師注冊信息。監理工程師不得同時受聘于兩個或兩個以上單位執業,不得允許他人以本人名義執業,嚴禁"Certificate affiliation". Those who rent or lend registration certificates shall be punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations; those who constitute a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. If he obtains the professional qualification of supervision engineer, he can be recognized as having the professional title of engineer.

fiveExamination setupfourSubjects, of whichtwoThere are three basic subjects,twoIt's a professional subject.six、具備以下條件之一的,可免考基礎科目:(一)已取得公路水運工程監理工程師資格證書;(二)已取得water conservancy工程建設監理工程師資格證書。

0fiveMigrant workers' wages

Since the promulgation of the regulations of the State Council on the protection of migrant workers' wage paymenttwo thousand and twentyyearfivemonthoneIt shall come into force on the twoonest.人工費撥付周期不得超過one個month,逾期罰款,未實名登記不得進入施工現場,追責政府項目拖欠,壓實建設單位nineBig responsibility.

two thousand and twentyyear國務院發布《保障農民工工資支付條例》,自fivemonthoneIt shall come into force on the twoonest.

Article 24 stipulates that the period of labor cost allocation shall not exceedone個month。

Article 28 stipulates that personnel who have not signed a labor contract or registered in their real name shall not enter into the project site for construction.

The "Regulations" formally defines the main responsibility and territorial responsibility of wage payment, especially the responsibility of construction units.

oneIn case of default due to insufficient funds for government projects, the administrative department of human resources and social security shall report to the people's government at the same level for approval, and shall be held responsible令限期足額撥付所拖欠的資金;逾期不撥付的,約談直接責任部門和相關監管部門負責人,必要時進行通報,約談地方人民政府負責人;情節嚴重的,對地方人民政府及其有關部門負責人、直接負責的主管人員和其他直接責任人員依法依規給予處分;政府投資項目建設單位未經批準立項建設、擅自擴大建設規模、擅自增加投資概算、未及時撥付工程款等導致拖欠農民工工資的,約談建設單位負責人,并作為其業績考核、薪酬分配、評優評先、職務晉升等的重要依據。


three、建設單位有下列情形之一的,責令限期改正;逾期不改正的,責令項目停工,并處five萬元以上one0萬元以下的罰款:建設單位未依法提供工程款支付擔保;建設單位未按約定及時足額向農民工工資專用賬戶撥付工程款中的人工費用;建設單位拒不提供或者無法提供工程施工合同Migrant workers' wages專用賬戶有關資料。







two thousand and twentyyear7monthtwonine日,住房和城鄉建設部網站發布《工程造價改革工作方案》,取消最高投標限價按“定額計價”的規定。

two thousand and twentyyear7monthtwonine日,住房和城鄉建設部網站發布《工程造價改革工作方案》,決定在全國房地產開發項目,以及北京市、浙江省、湖北省、廣東省、廣西壯族自治區有條件的國有資金投資的房屋建筑、市政公用工程項目進行工程造價改革試點。






two thousand and twentyyear7month,住建部、國家發改委等onethree部門聯合下發《關于推動智能建造與建筑工業化協同發展的指導意見》,確定未來fiveyear建筑業大方向!確定one0個關鍵詞:支柱產業、轉型升級、拉動內需、裝配式、智能化裝備、機器代人、智能控制造樓機、全產業鏈General contracting企業、CIM

two thousand and twentyyear7month,住建部、國家發改委等onethree部門聯合下發《關于推動智能建造與建筑工業化協同發展的指導意見》,提出“大力發展建筑工業化為載體,以數字化、智能化升級為動力,創新突破相關核心技術,加大智能建造在工程建設各環節應用,形成涵蓋科研、設計、生產加工、施工裝配、運營等全產業鏈融合一體的智能建造產業體系,提升工程質量安全、效益和品質,有效拉動內需,培育國民經濟新的增長點”。





國務院印發《保障中小企業款項支付條例》,自two thousand and twentyyearninemonthoneIt shall come into force on the twoonest.支付工程款不得超過six0天,逾期支付利息。

國務院第7two8號令《保障中小企業款項支付條例》,自two thousand and twentyyearninemonthoneIt shall come into force on the twoonest.為保障中小企業被拖欠的款項及時支付,《條例》規定:













two thousand and twentyyearonetwomonthtwo日,住建部發布《關于印發建設工程企業資質管理制度改革方案的通知》。one0類施工總承包企業特級資質調整為施工綜合資質,threesix類專業承包資質整合為one8類等。設置oneyear過渡期,到期后實行簡單換證。





two thousand and twentyyearonetwomonthnine日,住房和城鄉建設部印發《建筑市場信用信息分級標準(征求意見稿)》并向社會公開征求意見。加快推進建筑市場信用體系建設、規范建筑市場秩序。





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