Focus on the two sessions | these key points are related to the construction industry!

Time : 2021-03-10

threemonthfiveOn the morning of the 12thnineAt the grand opening of the fourth session of the 13th National People's Congress in the Great Hall of the people, Premier Li Keqiang delivered a report on the work of the government. This work report mainly focuses on“two thousand and twentyThe annual work review, the main achievements of the 13th Five Year Plan period, the main objectives of the 14th Five Year Plan period, and“two thousand and twenty-oneThe development goals and key work of the year will be carried out in four aspects.

The government work report is closely related to every place, company and even everyone. Today, let's sort out the key points related to construction engineering.   

In his report on the work of the government, the premier concluded that,two thousand and twenty-oneIn, faced with the sudden impact of the Hong Kong government, the government reduced the burden on the market participants over the whole year.two point sixTrillion yuan, including social security fee reductionone point sevenTrillion yuan, and strengthen "point-to-point" services for large enterprises to return to work and production.

Last year, new urbanization and Rural Revitalization were promoted, and the pattern of urban and rural regional development was continuously optimized. We will strengthen the renovation of old residential areas in cities and towns, and promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market through urban policies,During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the housing transformation in urban shanty towns exceededtwo thousand and one hundredTen thousand sets.

The gratifying achievements are inseparable from the leadership of the party and the support of the people. This year is a new journey and a new starting point. The premier is making great contributions to the partytwo thousand and twenty-oneIn this paper, the author summarizes the part related to construction engineering.

The prime minister mentioned that,We should adhere to innovation driven development and promote the construction of traditional infrastructure and new infrastructure as a whole.That means,During the 14th Five Year Plan period, in addition to the original traditional facilities projects, there will be more new and digital projects, which should be paid attention to by engineering enterprises.

The prime minister pointed out that it is necessary to comprehensively promote rural revitalization, improve the new urbanization strategy, and increase the urbanization rate of permanent residents to 100%6five%To develop and expand urban agglomerations and metropolitan areas, implement urban renewal actions, and improve the housing market system and housing security system.

The prime minister mentioned that,要推動西部大開發形成新格局,推動東北振興取得新突破,促進中部地區加快崛起,鼓勵東部地區加快推進現代化。支持革命老區、民族地區加快發展,加強邊疆地區建設。積極拓展海洋經濟發展空間。

The premier also mentioned the need for high-quality co construction"One belt, one road". We will continue to work together to build and share,Adhere to the principle of taking enterprises as the main body and following the market-oriented principle, improve the diversified investment and financing system, orderly promote major project cooperation, and promote infrastructure interconnection.

In his report, the premier stressed that special bonds for local governments will be arranged this yearthree.6fiveWe will give priority to supporting projects under construction and rationally expand the scope of use. Investment arrangements within the central budgetsix thousand and one hundred100 million yuan. We will continue to support major projects to promote coordinated regional development, promote the construction of "two new and one heavy industries", implement a number of major projects in transportation, energy and water conservancy, build new infrastructure such as information networks, and develop a modern logistics system.

In general, the two sessions of the government work report, in addition to theThis paper reviews the achievements made during the 13th Five Year Plan period and last year, and more importantly, the planning arrangements for this year and the 14th Five Year Plan period. Opportunities abound in the southeast, northwest, urban and rural areas, at home and abroad. The construction industry is one of the four pillars of China's national economy, which has a decisive impact on China's economic development. Engineering enterprises keep up with the pace of policy, seize the opportunity, and usher in the take-off of enterprises!

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